Region: Stellenbosch


Known for: Multi award winning

About Haskell

Originally a citrus farm surrounded by many wild pear trees, the original Dombeya farm had an enormous potential – the thing was to found out this property, yet located in the heart of the ”Golden Triangle” of Stellenbosch. A potential that was immediately seen by a wealthy American who bought the property in 2002 and renamed it to Haskell Vineyards.

After the first harvested in 2007, these wines with access to a unique terroir are recognized among the best of their style in South Africa. To crown that Haskell Vineyard was the first South African vineyard to win the Tri-nations wine challenge, a competition between South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

So recent vineyard with golden terroir, Haskeel Vinyeards quickly became the Home of 5 * wines – offering superb wines, elegant and multi-dimensional.

The Haskell vineyards adorn the slopes of the Helderberg mountain range in Stellenbosch, (known as the ‘Golden Triangle’), widely recognized as one of South Africa’s most beautiful wine sub-regions and which home to many of South Africa’s finest wines.

Today, Haskell Vineyards continues on its evolutionary journey, with Rudolph Steenkamp taking the reins in 2018 as winemaker and vineyard manager, committed to a minimalist winemaking style, guiding the winery through the necessary next steps of organic and biodiverse farming.

The Estate represents 23 hectares whose 14 hectares planted under vine, with grape varietals including Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Shiraz.



Rudolph believes one has to return to the simplest forms of viticulture, farming the soil and not the vine, to achieve even better quality and greater depth of our already excellent wines. In a concise and measured way, Rudolph will convert into organic farming, a not insignificant lifestyle decision for Haskell.

The Wines

Anvil Single Vineyard Chardonnay

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Pillars Single Vineyard Syrah

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Haskell II  Shiraz/ Cabernet Sauvignon

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Haskell IV  Cab Sauvignon/ Merlot/ Cab Franc/ Petit Verdot                

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Dombeya Sauvignon Blanc

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Dombeya Chardonnay

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Dombeya Merlot

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Dombeya Fenix 

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Dombeya Boulder Road Shiraz

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Dombeya Lily Rose

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