Stellenbosch Winelands

The Stellenbosch wine region is perhaps the most famous wine-producing region in South Africa. The town, in Western Cape’s coastal region is steeped in rich history and is known for being home to the prestigious Stellenbosch University.

Stellenbosch is a close 40 km east of Cape Town, allowing wine lovers’ easy access to some of the best-known wine estates in South Africa. Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest settlement after Cape Town and is home to nearly a fifth of all vines planted in South Africa.

The Simonsberg Mountains in the North separates it from Paarl, while the Hottentot Holland Mountain ranges separates Stellenbosch from Walker Bay. False Bay lies 20km to the south of Stellnbosch, allowing the cooling effect on the vineyards in the afternoon.

Vineyards cover the gentle rolling hills of Stellenbosch, and the terrain allows for a lot of variation in wine styles. Granite and sandstone soils are found throughout Stellenbosch. It seems the soils favour the productions of red- grape varieties in particular. The area is also the birthplace of SA’s Pinotage.

This area is known for its exquisite shops and delectable restaurants- be sure to spend more than one day here when visiting!

Area: 40 km east of Cape Town
Varieties: Pinotage
Known for: Most famous wine-producing region in South Africa
Area: In Western Cape’s coastal region
Varieties: Pinotage
Known for: Home of best-known wine estates in South Africa